Going Slowly

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A former hyper-self-critical super-achiever, Robyn has gradually learned how to slow down, listen in and tenderly embrace all the ways she is and is not.

Published in February 2013, this collection of emotionally uncensored tales spirals back and forth through time describing her struggles and emerging awareness along the way of that journey. They reveal how she grew an unconditionally loving, fiercely protective inner caregiver (her Mommy-Inside) who helped her to finally end the battering of her virulent inner critic (the Hatchet Lady).

This fierce and tender inner caregiver brought simple lessons in radical self-care, self-compassion and self-love that have transformed Robyn's ways of being with her self and with life. These lessons – affirmations and reminders of long forgotten or culturally suppressed truths about the importance of taking the very best care of our own vulnerable selves – are at the center of the tales in Go Only as Fast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go.  They offer practical steps and encouragement for learning to be more gentle and compassionate with our over-stressed selves.

Tenderly Embracing All the Ways That I Feel and Am: Journaling to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Precious Selves, released in November 2013, is designed as a companion to Go Only. A bound 8 1/2 X 11 journal, its otherwise blank pages are edged with words and images to inspire and invite you to write, draw, explore and reflect on your journey.

Robyn L. Posin, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice in Ojai, California, has dedicated her life, work, art and writing to healing and helping others heal from the harshness that our crazy-making world visits upon all of us, particularly upon women.







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Reviewers' Words of Praise:

"Robyn's work and words are deeply beneficial and instructive to all who feel less than self-loving or caring. You will find shelter and wings in the tender ferocity of these words that offer a sturdy platform of support and wisdom for people who wish to experience true self-love and care"

                                ~ SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) author and artist of Succulent Wild Woman, Eat Mangoes Naked, Transformation Soup, Glad No Matter What, etc.

“If you have ever wondered how self-acceptance looks, sounds and feels, this book is for you. If replacing self-reproach with self-nurturing seems like a good idea, but you haven’t got a clue, this book is a must read. We all know how to talk the talk of self-acceptance and self-nurturing. Robyn's life tales show us how to walk the walk. Finally, the words to create an inner dialogue that is truly life changing. A major contribution to the subject of how change occurs at the deepest levels."

                             ~   Carol H. Munter and Jane Hirschmann, co-authors, Overcoming Overeating and When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.

"Robyn is the embodiment of gentle grace. Her writing, wisdom and how 'she walks her talk' have been my inspiration and a huge influence in my life. I've gained so much from her writings about how to have balance in my life and to allow myself the gift of rest.  My favorite quote of hers: 'I will go only as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go' has become my daily mantra and has helped me through so many life decisions.  Robyn is an important and much needed voice in a world that needs to learn how to nurture their little ones inside, slow down and savor all the juiciness of life."

                         ~   Karen Drucker, author of Let Go of the Shore, Inspirational Recording Artist, Workshop Leader with Joan Borysenko, SARK and others. Former Musical Director, Church of Religious Science.