Compassionate Ink


The whole process of socialization in our so-called modern western culture, and much of what currently pass as paths to spiritual enlightenment, are essentially curricula that alienate us from our inner knowing and our authentic feeling-selves. They set external standards for what behaviors and emotions are acceptable/appropriate, embedding us in values and prescriptions that undermine, contradict and deny the credibility of these inner urging from our Deep Self. We learn that valuing ourselves requires adhering to these externally imposed templates.

On the path we take to undoing this noxious training, we question what we been encouraged, by our feelings-phobic culture, to believe as truth. And, we resist the pressure to always do more, bigger, faster and done-yesterday in order to be valued. We choose, instead, to listen to our inner knowings, to make it safe and acceptable to feel all of our feelings and to move only as fast as our slowest parts feel safe to move. This journey to honor the essence of who we truly are requires strong intention and conscious commitment.

In these pages you’ll find a variety of resources available to inspire and support you on that path. In various forms, their messages encourage permission to make it safe for, to keep opening our hearts to and compassionately embracing all the ways we might feel and/or be in every moment, even when we are being our less-than-most-shining selves.

Robyn’s three books are available in print through

·      Go Only as Fast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go: Tales to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Exhausted Selves (also available in Kindle, iBook and Nook formats);

·       Tenderly Embracing All the Ways that I Feel and Am: Journaling to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Precious Selves, and  

·      Choosing Gentleness: Opening Our Hearts to All the Ways We Feel and Are in Every Moment (and through my European DIstributor.)

The words, images and tales available in these publications are created by Robyn L. Posin, Ph.D. They’ve emerged from her dedicated life-long journey of healing (and helping others heal) from the harshness that our crazy-making world visits upon all of us, especially women.  Robyn is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Ojai, California.