Robyn's Availability

A California Licensed Psychologist, I have been working with clients since 1964. I'm available for open-ended, one-time or ongoing individual consultations by phone or in person in Ojai, California.

My commitment is to creating safe space in which to help people (re)connect with and honor the wisdom of their own inner knowing: the wisdom that can guide us to living life more in harmony with who we truly are, even in this crazy-making, invalidating world.


I work interactively, dedicated, as far as I'm able, to working in your personal idiom rather than pushing you to work in mine. My approach is eclectic, influenced by a strong feminist consciousness: I think it's important to note when and where noxious cultural influences are contributing to what ails us. A deep spiritual consciousness (not about God/Goddess or any particular religion or ism) is another element that I bring to the work: I believe we come into a body to do soul work and that we can experience our selves as more then merely victims if/when we see the challenges we're facing as opportunities to grow our selves/our souls.

Part of helping you (re)connect with your inner knowing involves having you be in charge both of how long we meet in any session and how often you choose to return. Each time we meet, we work until you reach some closure around the issue(s) you've brought to the session. Usually this comes when you have some clear ideas of what you might focus on as you continue the work on your own. The option of such organic closure allows your work to progress more efficiently. Some people use as little as 35 minutes each time while others use as much as three hours. At the end of each session, you pay/send a check for the time you've used, pro-rated at my current hourly fee.

If you'd like to talk about the possibility of arranging an individual consultation and check on my current fee, you can call me at 805-646-4518. Leave a message for me to call you back at a time that works for you (best make sure to give me a clue about the time zone in which you live). Or, if you prefer, you can drop me an email at