Updates and Reflections

February 1 and . . .

Alas, here it is February 1st and instead of pressing the go-to-print button, I’m sending half a dozen new text corrections to Jacki, the amazing woman who’s been putting the book into the Amazon CreateSpace templates for publication.
As soon as she enters the edits, there’ll be a 24 to 48-hour delay as Amazon does its standard digital and live-human reviews. Once that’s done, we go to print and the book will be listed/available on CreateSpace and Amazon through the link on the Compassionate Ink website (or directly)! Probably three or four more days at most.
As I’ve been reading through the third bound proof yesterday and today, I’m still and again  deeply moved by each of the tales and the lessons they’ve brought. I’m sooo excited that you’ll soon be able to read it yourself! Thanks for hanging in with me through this part of the journey.
There’s never been a moment when I’ve doubted that the Grandmothers have been in charge of the whole process of the book’s birthing. So, though a bit sad not to be going to print today, I trust they’ve a hand in (and some unrevealed reason for) moving the publishing date forward a bit.  SOOOOON!!!