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A Peek Inside the Cover –

From the Introduction of -
Go Only as Fast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go - Tales to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Exhausted Selves
- soon to be available on Amazon and as an e-book:

"I began to listen more compassionately to my fears, upsets, yearnings and angers; to listen to and to trust my gut senses about people, situations and timing. I learned how to suspend judgment about any of the feelings that arose in me; feelings that I might before have ridiculed or dismissed. I learned to make room for my self to be however I might be….
"I began the practice of loving my self exactly as I might be in every moment. I was growing an inner caregiver: a strong, consistent, unconditionally loving inner voice that kept providing me with the simple acceptance for which I'd yearned all of my life. "Honey," she might say when I'd made a mistake of some sort or fallen short of some expectation I'd had of my self, "it's okay to make a mistake, to not do everything perfectly. You're always learning and growing, that's what mistakes are for. I love you just the same no matter what you do. You're a dear and wonderful being. You're enough, you're okay just as you are and I love you so much."
"Over time, as this new voice grew and strengthened, I was finally able to de-fang the relentless negativity of my inner critic. In that process, my relationship with my self and with every aspect of my life was changed. Having this caregiver always with me has given me the capacity to love my self exactly as I am, with all my warts and imperfections, as a still stumbling work in progress."