Updates and Reflections

A Wonderful Email I Received:

I wanted to take a minute and share something with you.  I purchased your book a few weeks back. I was really enjoying the first few chapters when I decided to let my girlfriend read it.  She was struggling with some issues that seem to stem from not being nourish as a little girl.  My girlfriend is a therapist and has read many self help books.  Well I just got off the phone with her and was sharing my loneliness and lack of direction with her and she said to me you need your book back!  She finished it and said she had never read anything so wonderful and different as this book.  She will be buying her own copy and giving mine back on Friday.  I look forward to being guided so perhaps I can learn to embrace my loneliness and all aspects of myself.
Thought you might like to hear this.
With love and gratitude,