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Bringing Unconditional Love To Ourselves - Listen Here . . .

The delightful interview/conversation (about the Go Only as Fast… book) that my dear friend Justine Toms of New Dimensions Media and I taped in Petaluma this late June has been airing on myriad NPR stations around the world this week (September 4 through September 10). 

In case you missed it, you will find the audio file below.

The response has been amazing. Emails coming in from several people who wrote to say how much they resonated with and were deeply touched by what I talked about. And then, on Sunday – when it was broadcast in the greatest number of geographies – there was a flurry of orders for both the paperback and the Kindle versions! The number of orders actually bumped the book into the #2 slot in Amazon’s self-help/inner child category: Yayy!!!

It’s so exciting to know that the book and its message – of slowing down, listening in and honoring our inner knowing – is getting out further and further into the world!